Villa Santa Lucia

This is an imposing villa in Panzano in the municipality of Greve in Chianti, known as Villa Santa Lucia. Valuable paintings and old coffered ceilings give the structure an importance that raised the level of difficulty of the work to be carried out. This work was aimed not only at the restoration of the existing building, but also for the development of portions of new structures using techniques that are totally faithful to the existing structure. Small internal structural changes have made it possible to connect the rooms, making them more suited to modern needs but always and only with the prerogative of maintaining the styles of the past. Reconstruction of floor tiles, roof tiles, and the ground floor have given the building back its structural integrity, that had failed over time. The external frame of the landscape in which the structure is located has been completed with the restoration of the Italian-style gardens with the faithful reconstruction and modernisation of the annexes that once served the villa, always in keeping with the traditional Tuscan style.


Panzano in Chianti (Firenze)


Historical context and renovations