Massini & Gori Srl, established in 1957, is a company that has been operating in the construction sector for over 60 years, handling projects ranging from the restoration of heritage buildings to the construction of new buildings, renovations, industrial property, and wine cellars throughout the whole of Italy.

The experience and skills acquired in the various sectors, the company organisation, its proven ability to design and implement, means that today Massini & Gori Srl can meet the needs of clients of all kinds. Its SOA certification and its annual turnover are immediate and significant indices of the potential of the company, which in terms of its staff, resources, equipment, and financial capacity holds a prominent position among the companies in Tuscany, without having lost its family nature that has always distinguished it from its competition. The children of the founding members are still at the helm today.









Faithful to the fundamental principles of construction and based on many years of experience acquired directly in the field, our company is constantly evolving, constantly looking for innovative materials and equipment, well aware of the how times have changed and the varied needs of customers, of the end users, of our products and increasingly attentive to respect for the environment.


The experience gained and consolidated in over 60 years of business allows the optimal management of any order, always guaranteeing an excellent quality result, both in the construction of new buildings and in renovations, including protected properties, and in the construction of business properties for logistic purposes or wine cellars.


The use of innovative materials lead us to create products with low environmental impact, especially for residential buildings for which we handle both the design and construction, resulting in a finished product with an energy certification mainly in class A. Our company mainly operates in Tuscany, but also throughout the rest of Italy.



N. 97233/7/00

ISO 14001:2015

N. SISBALE01202142388

ISO 45001:2018

N. 9192.MS&2

ISO 9001:2015

N. 9165.MS&G

The operating group is made up of partners and workers, coordinated by technicians with long and specific experience, also gained abroad. We cover the whole of Italy.