Sirondole real estate complex

Extraordinary maintenance works and structural strengthening of the main building of the “Sirondole” real estate complex located in the hamlet of Panzano in Chianti, in the San Leolino area.


Renovation and conversion into tourist accommodation with the construction of a wellness centre, swimming pool, tennis courts and heliport in the real estate complex known as "Monteropoli" in Pievasciata.

Poggio Asciuto

Renovation works with the construction of seven residential units in the real estate complex known as "Poggio Asciuto" in the locality of Pievasciata.

Il Quinto Estate

Construction of a new, low visual impact winery inserted into the surrounding landscape using terraces that follow the lay of the land. A project carried out on three staggered levels made of pigmented reinforced concrete to create the play of light-coloured shadows on the façade,