Podere Osteria

Renovation works for structural restoration, remaking of the roof, and construction of new underground garages in the real estate complex known as "Podere Osteria" in the locality of Pievasciata.

Casa Cornacchi

The Casa Cornacchi real estate complex is based on a single unit on two floors dating back to the Carte dei Capitani di Parte Guelfa. In 1823 this was owned by the Captain of fortune, Giorgio Cornachja. Over time it became a farmhouse and the

Campo al Sole

Restoration and conservative rehabilitation of the real estate complex known as "Podere Campo al Sole" with work on the main house and the barn, and the construction of a swimming pool in the basement.

Reschio Castle

Restoration and conservation work on the existing building known as Cercoschene for residential use in San Martino di Tisciano, Municipality of Lisciano Niccone (Pg).

La Canonica

The building complex known as "Canonica di San Vincenti" has been historically documented since the seventh century, when it went under the name of "Basilica Sancti Vincenti in fundus Bonuspagis", and which was assigned to the Diocese of Arezzo by Liutprando, king of the Lombards.

Podere Verreno

The architectural complex known as “Podere Verreno” is made up of five independent buildings, nestled in the hills of the Val D'Ambra, and is representative of the numerous rural constructions in this area. The project is divided into several phases and is based on the


Restoration and renovation of a farmhouse dating back to the second half of the 17th century. Originally, this building was identified as a manor house with a turret and an adjacent oven owned by the surrounding housing units. The work carried out in 2011 restored

Castiglion del Bosco

Restoration and renovation of six villas belonging to the complex known as "Castiglion del Bosco" was completed 2010. The six farmhouses, Villa Alba - Villa Gauggiole - Villa Biondi - Villa Stabbi - Casa del Fiume, and Villa Sant'Anna which originally, in the 17th and

Borgo Scopeto

The Borgo Scopeto is a real estate complex dating back to 1500 composed of fifteen buildings covering a total area of approx. 5,000 square meters, with parking, tennis courts, and a swimming pool surrounded by 300 hectares of land consisting of vineyards and olive groves,

Villa Demidoff

The real estate complex known as the Villa Demidoff is subject to the ministerial conservation order of 07.02.1928. Together with the Church of San Donato in Polverosa, owned by the Ecclesiastical Body, they make up the entire block between the Vie di Novoli, Corteccia, Tacchinardi,