Podere Stielle

A real estate complex consisting of residential buildings, an outhouse and swimming pool in the Municipality of Gaiole in Chianti. The complex underwent renovation works that were completed in 2012 both on the main building and on the outhouse, which involved the reconstruction of the

La Masserizia

The building complex being renovated is in Rigomagno, a place of which there is historical documentation going back to the eleventh century, identifying it as the seat of the Counts of Scialenga. A rural settlement nestled in the Tuscan countryside, it dominates the Val di

La Macinaia

The house in San Vincenti in the municipality of Gaiole in Chianti known as La Macinaia is nestled in the hills of the Chianti Senese, surrounded by the vineyards of San Giovese and typical woods of the region. The complete renovation was carried out with

Podere Cosona

The Podere Cosona is a typical rural house in the hills of the Val D'orcia in the municipality of Pienza. Abandoned and neglected since the immediate postwar period, over the years the encroachment of nature meant that most of the main structures had collapsed under

Casciana Terme

A farmhouse nestled in the Pisan hills of the Municipality of Casciana Terme, beautifully restored through the maintenance of the walls and the restoration of old openings that had been hidden over time, so that the original destinations of yesteryear can still be followed today. The

Podere Derna

The real estate complex known as Podere Derna, consisting of five real estate units, is west of the town of Stigliano. The units have been restored after decades of neglect and decay to be used as private residences. The restructuring that affects the building complex

Villa Linda

Renovation of the building known as Villa Linda in the Municipality of Fiesole.

Podere Le Pietrose

Renovation of a farmhouse dating back to 1800. The original building was modest in size but technically very interesting due to the complex situation of instability of the land on which it stood. Piling works and external curbs connected with an equal number inside the

Podere il Mandorlo

Ristrutturazione di porzione di edificio denominato Il Mandorlo sito in località Pievasciata, nel cuore del Chianti Senese, per realizzazione di suite ciascuna con giardino di pertinenza.