Cantina Donna Olimpia

The building complex known as Donna Olimpia and dating back to the eighteenth century, derives from the union of two adjacent housing units located near the Municipality of Castagneto Carducci (Li). A farmhouse until the mid-sixties and uninhabited for decades, it was used as a cellar at the end of the nineties and converted in 2010 into a quality accommodation for tourists, relocating the winemaking cellar to a new structure within the same farm. Over the years, the building had never been systematically maintained so the restoration was of great importance both from a structural and architectural point of view. Reconstruction of the collapsed vaults, restoration of the remaining ones, and construction of a new ground floor and roof slabs ensure that the entire structure is in compliance with current regulations and has regained the solidity it had in the past. New plumbing and electrical systems, fine finishes using local materials, and obsessive and meticulous care of the external green areas, have created an environment of rare beauty.


Bolgheri (Livorno)