La Masserizia

The building complex being renovated is in Rigomagno, a place of which there is historical documentation going back to the eleventh century, identifying it as the seat of the Counts of Scialenga. A rural settlement nestled in the Tuscan countryside, it dominates the Val di Chiana Senese and enjoys a view that sweeps from Lucignano to Sinalunga. “La Masserizia” is a large complex, probably dating back to the end of the 1700s, which has been in a state of neglect for over forty years. It consisted of a main building and several detached structures that, at the time, were used as a tobacconist, stalls for pigs, a hut for hay, and various outbuildings for different uses. The restructuring aimed at changing the use of the complex to agritourism, was carried out in 2012, with the use of materials as identical as possible to those already in place. The project consisted of the complete disassembly of the roofs and reconstruction in pantiles, cleaning up the shattered brick and replacing the wooden joists and beams, strengthening the load-bearing structures, and removing the remains of the old plaster. The main building was divided into five independent housing units and a new layout was created from the fusion of the spaces detached from the main building, with the construction of an infinity pool on one side with external paving in stone slabs.


Sinalunga (Siena)


Historical context and renovations