Casciana Terme

A farmhouse nestled in the Pisan hills of the Municipality of Casciana Terme, beautifully restored through the maintenance of the walls and the restoration of old openings that had been hidden
over time, so that the original destinations of yesteryear can still be followed today. The use of fine Tuscan terracotta, new hand-crafted plaster, and typical Tuscan colours, make the internal and external environment conform to the historical origins of the building. However, the use of modern technologies for the installation of new electrical and plumbing systems has not been neglected. Together with the care with which the exterior of the building has been restored makes it possible to enjoy such an old Tuscan building to the full. The construction of a basement annex, completely hidden from view, and a new swimming pool, complete the project without disfiguring the magnificent landscape, which can be enjoyed from the large terrace on the front of the building.


Lari (Pisa)


Historical context and renovations