La Macinaia

The house in San Vincenti in the municipality of Gaiole in Chianti known as La Macinaia is nestled in the hills of the Chianti Senese, surrounded by the vineyards of San Giovese and typical woods of the region. The complete renovation was carried out with the just the restoration of the main internal and external walls, all the floors from the ground floor to the roof have been rebuilt due to the impossibility of restoring the main and secondary structures. The restoration of the terracotta tiles and the meticulous choice to replace missing materials make its appearance very similar to the original. The restoration of the ground floor with the transformation of the areas originally used as stables for livestock, so that the part of the living room could be divided by the large outdoor garden from the bedrooms on the first and second floor. The deburring and re-threading of the external wall joints and the restoration of the ancient openings on the façade, have given the façade a traditional appearance with the imposing, perhaps unusual, mass of an old farmhouse. It has simple technological systems of extreme functionality with renovated terracotta floors and basic interior painting in colours similar to the original ones. The construction of a new annex with the restoration of old spaces, the construction of a new swimming pool and a large gardens with lawns, connect “La Macinaia” to its external context.


Gaiole in Chianti (Siena)


Historical context and renovations