Villa Demidoff

The real estate complex known as the Villa Demidoff is subject to the ministerial conservation order of 07.02.1928. Together with the Church of San Donato in Polverosa, owned by the Ecclesiastical Body, they make up the entire block between the Vie di Novoli, Corteccia, Tacchinardi, and Stradella. This was the subject of a unified project for the restoration and conservation of the villa built by Nicola Demidoff, Ambassador of Tsar Alessandro, as part of a project by the architect Giovan Battista Silvestri in the years from 1822 to 1831. The objective of the restoration was the elimination of the physical and environmental degradation which was widespread throughout the building complex, and that had had a negative impact on its habitability and usability. The project focused on the restoration of the residual, historically valuable components of the building through the elimination of previous architectural alterations, restoring the prominence of the original structure and bringing to light the value and quality of what remained of the building’s prestige, creating on the front of Via di Novoli a square overlooking the park of San Donato, made up of a churchyard for the Church of San Donato, and an entrance to the historic building through the original passage that had been discovered in the wall of the ancient convent.




Historical context and renovations